Regina Park
Regina Park

The Dish: The Gyro

Where to Get It: Meggrolls, 107 N. Fayette St., Alexandria; (571) 312-0399;

Price: $6.75

What it is: A gyro wrapped inside a Chinese takeout staple food. Components of the traditional Middle Eastern sandwich—a lamb patty, feta cheese, and diced onion—are chilled separately, wrapped in thin dough, and deep-fried. “We put each of the ingredients into the wonton strategically so the cheese melts great and the proteins don’t overcook,” says Meggrolls founder Meghan Baroody. After its trip to the fryer, the giant Meggroll is sliced in half and topped with lettuce, tomato, and housemade tzatziki sauce. 

What it tastes like: A crispy, greasy delight. Equal parts crunchy and creamy, the gyro marries the satisfying bite of a deep-fried wonton with the distinctive, gamey taste of lamb, slightly offset by the trademark tzatziki tang. It’s a worthy pick for a late night snack.

The story: Ever since Baroody made her first chicken parm wonton for her bartender boyfriend eight years ago, she has been tinkering with her original recipe to make it even better. “You’re never fully perfectly happy with your product,” she says. “I’m still [thinking], ‘What can I do to make this perfect?’” The gyro was one of the outcomes of her experiments. “Each Meggroll is basically your favorite meal wrapped in a hand-held package.”  Other popular flavors include Buffalo wing and chorizo poblano.