Amanda Petro
Amanda Petro

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Beer: Dogfish Head Indian Brown Dark IPA 

Person: Amanda Petro, Off-Centered Brewer

Hometown: Tamaqua, Pennsylvania

Price: $11.99 per six-pack

Taste: Indian Brown carries an aroma of candied figs, roasted malts, and a soapy twang imparted by dry-hopping the beer with Vanguard hops. A juicy hop character first presents itself on the tongue. The mid-palate is sweet and segues into a mild roast accompanied by a crisp, clean finish—the work of organic brown sugar added to the kettle. Though it comes in at 7.2 percent alcohol by volume, this dark ale drinks more like a 5 percent ABV beer. It’s an ideal transitional beer for the warm days and cool nights ahead.

Story: Amanda Petro has brewed at Dogfish Head for more than three years. One of three women in her 30-student Master Brewers Program at UC Davis, Petro spent more than five years in the pharmaceutical industry before she found her calling. When asked about diversity in the industry, Petro says it’s “heading in the right direction. I think we’re broadening our consumer base and employing different genders, different races.” But craft beer is “still lacking in areas like advertising, that is still behind in the overall industry.” 

She calls Indian Brown an “underrated brew,” but the beer she’s most excited about is Siracusa Nera, a beer-wine hybrid, which will debut in bottles in November. An imperial stout, Siracusa Nera, is three quarters imperial stout and a quarter Syrah, according to Petro. “Syrah grape must is thrown in during fermentation so it maintains the jammy character of the grapes,” she explains. It then rests with American oak cubes for two months.

Where to try: Rodman’s, 5100 Wisconsin Ave. NW; (202) 363-3466;