Courtesy District ChopHouse & Brewery
Courtesy District ChopHouse & Brewery

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Nut brown ale. Oatmeal stout. Velvet. Bourbon stout. Amber ale. What do these things have in common besides being beers? They’re all available IRL (In Real Life) at District ChopHouse & Brewery and at a fictional brewpub called Crunchy’s Microbrew depicted in a couple episodes on Comedy Central’s South Park. The show appears to have copied the D.C. brewpub’s beer list. 

District ChopHouse head brewer Barrett Lauer is getting a kick out of the whole thing. “One of our servers let me know that the new season was out and there was a similarity of the beer menus,” he says. She took a picture of her television screen and sent it to Lauer who went home and viewed the episode to confirm her suspicions. “I’m a South Park fan and had to see it for myself quite frankly. I thought somebody was playing a joke with me.” 

City Paper contacted Comedy Central to find out how District ChopHouse’s menu ended up on the show. A representative says she will ask the team once they get through production for Wednesday’s episode. 

Lauer has his own theories. “I know the show has strong ties to Colorado and we have a sister restaurant there, Denver ChopHouse,” he says. If you do a Google search for “ChopHouse beer menu,” the District ChopHouse menu pops up. “The picture itself that they used is from a beer blogger that took a picture of it back in 2012.” 

Not only is Crunchy’s Microbrew featured in this season of the show, it was also in scenes from the 2015 season of the show.

Compare the two menus below and stay tuned for updates.

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