Tim Ebner
Tim Ebner

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The Dish: Happy Toast

 Price: $6

What It Is: The latest development at Tiger Fork is a new “Dim Sum and Then Some” brunch, which launched in early September. While you can expect traditional Chinese dishes, like crispy yao cha guai (breakfast crullers) and congee, there are also hangover essentials, like fatty bacon served with a side of pickled radish salad and happy toast. The latter is a Hong Kong-style French toast, topped with burnt coconut cream. We tested the toast with an actual hangover sufferer, and the results are in—this sugary, smiley-faced bread is sure to sweeten your day.

How It Tastes: Before you take a bite, you’ll want to Instagram, or perhaps take a selfie with this smiling plate of French toast. Chef Irvin Van Oordt uses a cookie cutout to give the dish its winning grin. But don’t dilly dally too long; you’ve got a hangover and the dehydration that comes with it. Drink a tall glass of water and inhale this French toast, enriched with condensed milk and a hairdo of burnt coconut cream. It comes with a with heap of brown sugar and a portion of melted butter. Altogether, it kind of tastes like you’re diving head-first into a giant bowl of Cinnamon Toast Crunch.

Why It Helps: This dish will fill you up with fried bread, butter, heavy cream, and sugar—all the essential food groups. And it pairs nicely with a bottomless cup of La Colombe coffee. Even our most hungover friend agrees: “This meal literally nursed me back to health.” 

Where to Get It: Dim sum menu at Tiger Fork (available Saturdays and Sundays from 10:30 a.m. to 2:30 p.m.); 922 N St. NW; (202) 733-1152; tigerforkdc.com