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A representative selection of comments on articles that appeared in last week’s issue of City Paper:

An Abandoned Building in Congress Heights Is the Keystone in a Battle Between Tenants, Developers, and the District” by Andrew Giambrone

aerie on washingtoncitypaper.com

The convoluted conflicts of interest and sheer quantity of slime bedecking this saga boggle the mind. Our elected officials should at the very least amend the TOPA law to ensure that property owners’ bankruptcies never void tenants’ TOPA rights. Let’s see what the self-proclaimed ethics maven, Mayor Bowser, decides to do with the vacant building at the Congress Heights Metro stop.

Point823 on washingtoncitypaper.com

Bowser’s ability to bring in talent to head her departments has been a total failure: DBH, DYRS, DDOT, CFSA, DPW, Housing, and the real kicker is DOH. These agencies have shown no innovative work. The fish rots from the head down. And she and her incompetents want another 4 years?? You’re kidding.

HousingAdvocacyTeam on Twitter

Tell @MayorBowser: choose the tenants!

Amy Weinstein’s New Eastern Market Building Is Exuberantly Victorian” by Amanda Kolson Hurley

Rick Otis via email to City Paper

While architectural aesthetics and, to some degree, massing are subjective, I find the project (especially the 7th Street SE facades) dour and morose—lacking the features that make the various types of Victorian architecture appealing. Having walked the neighboring streets for over three decades, I find the whole project out of scale with the surrounding historic district and (despite the developer’s argument to the contrary) the buildings that preceded the 1966 Hine Junior High School.

Typical DC BS on washingtoncitypaper.com

Nice addition to that neighborhood.

Amy Saidman and Story District Celebrate 20 Years of Storytelling” by Chris Klimek

Tom Kuczajda on Facebook

They might have done it for the story, but the Story did it for me! Go Story District and Amy Saidman!!