A Boutique Dog Hotel Prepares to Open in Adams Morgan” By Andrew Giambrone

Sounds AWESOME. —Dana Greenwald on Facebook

If dogs could tell you what they wanted to lie down on, I don’t think it would be Calcutta marble and Italian tile.—Andrew Siddons on Twitter

Wealth tax. Now. —Andrew P. Schwartz on Twitter

Barking mad … howling with laughter … the city is going to the dogs … canine with a side of porcine. —María Helena Carey on Twitter

Great. Hooray for wealthy dogs and no spaces for artists to have studios. —Beth B. on Twitter

Meanwhile human beings sleep on 18th Street. —Will E. Brooks on Facebook

Thank God I have cats. —Tony Magliero on Facebook

D.C. Is Teeming With Police Officers, So The Mystery May Be Why Crime Happens At All” By Bill Myers

Because of all the section 8 housing in the city. Tear them down, problem solved. —Doug Owens on Facebook

And more rich, white, hogs such as yourself may move in? rich boy? —Jason Hostetter on Facebook

Jason Hostetter: No, just people that can compete for housing like everyone else. Why should they not have to live in what they can afford, like the vast majority of people that are forced to commute? It’s a fairness issue. The only people who should be subsidized are those who earn it, such as teachers and firefighters. —Doug Owens on Facebook

I biked past an MPD cruiser parked illegally last night while its two cops got dinner at Shake Shack. Just a data point. —Ryan Shepard on Facebook

The whole premise is based on the assumption that the police are competent and not criminals themselves. —Min Enghauser on Facebook

Chris Cole Believes His Criminal Record Is Preventing Him From Getting a Job” By Jeffrey Anderson

Interesting article. But lots of conflicting issues here. —DCMarimon on washingtoncitypaper.com