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To verify that Fabian Malone is in good spirits at Howard University Hospital, just look at this photo of him with a bed pan on his head and a banana phone. The local bartender, who has shaken and stirred at Alfie’sCoppi’s Organic Restaurant, and most recently Nam Viet, was shot twice early Sunday morning in Shaw. 

“I came back from Nam Viet and decided to go see a friend at Passenger to have a few drinks,” Malone tells City Paper.  “As I was walking down Q Street, four kids approached me and demanded cash, but I didn’t have it and got shot for it. They were like high school age, too.” The police report confirms that Malone was approached by four black males and shot twice by one of the suspects.

Since Malone does not have health insurance and cannot return to work for the foreseeable future, friends have set up a GoFundMe page to help him cover hospital bills and more. The fundraising goal is set at $10,000.

“The support I’m getting is unbelievable,” Malone says. “I pity those kids. I’ll be OK, they are on the path to purgatory or something.” 

According to the fundraising site, one of the bullets entered through his forearm and traveled up to his bicep, shredding muscles and damaging nerves along the way. 

Editor’s update on Oct. 3: Malone was the defendant in an assault case in D.C. Superior court in 2011 and pled guilty. City Paper was not aware of this case at the time this post was published.