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“You’re So D.C. If…” By our readers

The @wcp did a much better job with this than I expected. Maybe the editors even worked in Marion Barry’s Summer Youth Employment Program. —Tanya Golash-Boza on Twitter

Live in DC? u should read this! a really fascinating look @ how identity is sometimes politicized + sometimes not but always multitudinous —Tajha C-L on Twitter

How many of the people polled are ACTUALLY from D.C.? —Damali Saddler on Facebook

“You are white and don’t speak to your black neighbors in a gentrified black community” — ZING! and with this real quote, I started respecting this article. I totally thought they wouldn’t include quotes like this for this piece. —ntaylor08 on washingtoncitypaper.com

You’re so DC if you participate in listicles. —rtpmcman on washingtoncitypaper.com

“This D.C. Yoga Teacher is Running for Mayor” By Regina Park

HA HA HA! I have heard of some ridiculous schemes in DC politics, but the whole running for office to find a free place to stay is a new one! Somewhere, Marion is smiling. —Rake on washingtoncitypaper.com

Dustin was in my teacher training. Very nice guy but I thought he was going to create fitness apps or something. I’m going to enjoy this. —Jen DeMayo on Twitter

When I said we need another mayoral candidate, this isn’t what I meant. —Judah Ariel on Twitter

Almost a quarter of #dcstatehood voters are independent. Why does a city which says it’s progressive disenfranchise them? #DCvalues —“Beltway” Greg Boyd on Twitter