Rina Rapuano
Rina Rapuano

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The Dish: Beet kraut probiotic shot

Where to Get It: Fruitive, 1094 Palmer Alley NW; (202) 836-7749; fruitive.com

Price: $3.95

What It Is: Most juice bars stick with cold-pressing fruits and veggies in their purest form, but the tastemakers at Fruitive—a juice bar in CityCenterDC that’s based in Virginia Beach—had a revelation while doing research one day. The result is a wild fermented homemade kraut made with beets, carrots, local cabbage, ginger, turmeric, kale, cold-pressed apple juice, and Celtic sea salt. It ferments for 10 to 14 days before being juiced. Fruitive also sells a juice shot made with kimchi.

What It Tastes Like: If you need a probiotic shot, you’re probably not in it for the flavor. But this one is not entirely unpalatable. Fans of the earthy funkiness of sauerkraut and kombucha might enjoy this gem-colored health boost. There’s an inherent tartness, too, thanks to the green apple juice. It’s got a very strong flavor, though, and isn’t for those with delicate palates.

The Story: Master juicers recognize the health and gastrointestinal benefits of adding fermented, probiotic bacteria strains into their daily drink routines. The claim is that this fermentation adds a jolt of energy in the morning and aids digestion after a meal. It’s a very complicated scientific process that involves phrases like “salt tolerant wild bacteria” and “converted into acetic acid by wild vinegar yeasts.” But it’s not just the juice shop making these claims. Registered dietitian Rebecca Scritchfield also recommends fermented foods and drinks as a helpful hangover cure—second only to not over-imbibing in the first place. And unlike other juices, which are extremely perishable, these can hang out in the fridge for a couple of weeks.