Bub & Popss
Bub & Popss

Pumpkin spice is fall’s dominant flavor, but those eaters wanting something autumnal and savory might seek out a sandwich inspired by Thanksgiving fare. Some shops sling Turkey Day sandwiches year round, while others only offer them for a few weeks. Here’s what we think of what’s available around town:


Jetties’ Nobadeer ($9.95)

Multiple locations

Sliced roasted turkey is wedged between a satisfying amount of cranberry sauce, scrumptious stuffing packed with onions, and mayonnaise on white bread. It’s a simple sandwich, and could use thicker bread to contain all of the filling. 

DC Wisey’s Chantilly ($9)

1440 Wisconsin Ave. NW

Holiday meets healthy in a surprisingly flavorful sandwich served hot or cold. Turkey, brie, and light cranberry mayonnaise rest atop a choice of multigrain bread, walnut raisin bread, or a croissant. When hot, the melted brie adds creaminess.

Wagshal’s Turkey Stuffing Thing ($10.69)

Multiple locations

This sandwich’s cute name is the only thing working in its favor. Turkey, stuffing, gravy, and cranberry sauce on a French roll should satisfy, but the only flavors that come through are turkey and roll. The sandwich skimps on the stuffing, and the gravy is hard to detect.

MGM Roast Beef’s Thanksgiving Dinner ($11.50) 

905 Brentwood Road NE

This standout tastes like home. The open-face sandwich, with cranberry chutney offered on the side, features delicious white and dark meat turkey topped generously with brown gravy and stuffing on a plain roll. 

Capriotti’s The Bobbie (9” small—$7.99, 12” medium—$10.79, 20” large—$17.19)

Multiple locations

This sub will stuff the hungriest Thanksgiving fan and still provide ample leftovers. Capriotti’s signature sandwich provides an ample dose of mayonnaise and cranberry sauce to balance out the copious amounts of turkey and homemade stuffing.


Bub and Pop’s The Gobbler (half—$10, whole—$18).

1815 M St. NW

Available: Oct. 31 through Thanksgiving Day

Look forward to: A hot combo of turkey wing confit and veloute with cranberry sauce, stuffing, and coleslaw on a regular hoagie roll.

Buffalo and Bergen’s The Goy Gobbler ($9.50).

1309 5th St. NE

Available: Nov. 1 through the holidays

Look forward to: Turkey, cranberry sauce, and bacon on a sweet potato and thyme knish.

Glen’s Garden Market’s Unpardoned  ($10.99)

2001 S St. NW and 1924 8th St. NW

Available: Month of November

Look forward to: House-made turkey roulade made of dark and white meat on rye with cranberry sauce and house-made sausage stuffing.

Breadline’s The Holiday Turkey ($8.99)

1751 Pennsylvania Ave. NW

Available: Oct. 23 to the beginning of January

Look forward to: Fresh roasted turkey with sweet potato, caramelized onion, dijon mustard, cranberry sauce, and mixed greens on ciabatta.

Capo Italian Deli’s Thanksgiving Special (6”—$8.95, 11”—$11.95)

715 Florida Ave. NW

Available: Two weeks before Thanksgiving to the weekend after

Look forward to: Oven-roasted turkey with orange cranberry sauce, sliced cucumbers, and red onions on Italian bread.