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Donald Trump dropped a bombshell in a recent interview with The Hill, unrelated to the Russian investigation or nuclear war—he’s going to start visiting restaurants around D.C. that aren’t inside his hotel. Trump’s a known fast food fiend, so we suspect he won’t be sampling the tart and tangy kinilaw at Bad Saint after practicing his golf swing while in line for two hours.

We’ve assembled some D.C. establishments that are more to the Trump’s liking, and won’t require him to travel too far from the safe haven of the White House.

Five Guys (1400 I St. NW)

If the Prez is willing to venture somewhere with “real local flavor,” he might try Five Guys, which got its humble start in Arlington County.

McDonald’s (750 17th St. NW and 1235 New York Ave. NW)

Trump fantasizes about signing an executive order that legally changes his first name to McDonald. That’s how much he loves this fast food behemoth, with which he has a storied history. Lucky enough, he has his choice of two locations flanking either side of the White House.

Taco Bell (Pentagon)

Getting lectured about the downside of nuclear war by a crowd of senior military personnel can really make you work up an appetite. Luckily Trump can stop by the Taco Bell located directly inside the Pentagon after his meetings with top generals.

KFC (1400 Pentagon Pedestrian Tunnel, Arlington)

There’s not a combination Taco Bell/KFC close to the White House, but the president can stop by this KFC in the Pentagon Pedestrian Tunnel post-Taco Bell and get the same greasy one-two punch.

Popeyes (1322 14th St. NW)

KFC is the Commander in Chief’s first choice for fried chicken, but if he doesn’t feel like trekking to Virginia (or Northeast D.C.), there’s always Popeyes.

Pizza Hut (1990 M St. NW #102)

Here, Trump can eat a pizza incorrectly without judgement, as well as reminisce about his old life as a New York playboy