Credit: Adiel lo/Wikicommons
Credit: Adiel lo/Wikicommons

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The opening date for D.C.’s Hanukkah pop-up bar Chai-vy and Cohen-y is still a couple of weeks away but the folks behind it have already set up an e-mail address to receive complaints “due to the sacrilegious nature of the bar.” Send your quibbles to

Ivy and Coney will play host to the irreverent bar for Jews and gentiles from Dec. 1 through New Year’s Eve. You can pair Manischewitz wine or Slivovitz plum brandy with latkes and matzoh ball soup in the decked out dive bar. And you can spin the original fidget spinner—a dreidel. 

“I apologized in advance to my bartenders for whoever has to clean up the purple puke,” Ivy and Coney co-owner Josh Saltzman says. He and fellow co-owners Chris Powers and Adam Fry are the brains behind this operation. 

The best time to visit might be during the actual Festival of Lights. Chai-vy and Cohen-y will light the menorah nightly from Dec. 12 to Dec. 20. Expect extra treats during this time period, like chocolate gelt and gift giveaways. “I just ordered 2,500 chocolate gelt coins to get us started,” Saltzman says. 

A driedel spinning competition is scheduled for Dec. 19. Competitors will see who can keep a dreidel spinning the fastest. A sign-up form for the “Spinagogue” will be posted on the bar’s website in the coming days. If you want to compete, sign up before the 19th and be sure to come in character. “Dress up, create a persona, make this a big thing,” Saltzman encourages. One of the bartenders has already claimed “Shlomo Shun 4 Me.” 

If you need liquid courage, groups of nine can take shots from the “ShotNorah,” which is currently being built. The custom-made shot menorah is two feet tall and sixteen feet long. 

You likely won’t recognize Ivy and Coney when you walk in. “There will be an absolute explosion of blue and white lights everywhere,” Saltzman says. There will, of course, be a photo booth on site so guests can document their visits. 

Chai-vy and Cohen-y says they hope to partner with various Jewish community organizations for events throughout the month of December. 

Chai-vy and Cohen-y, 1537 7th St. NW; (202) 670-9489;