A representative selection of comments on articles in last week’s issue:

The People Issue

My sister-love, @KathyEHollinger, shining bright again, this time in @wcp’s People Issue 2017. Why, yes, it HAS been yet another huge year for D.C.’s dining scene —Enayati on Twitter

So much top-notch #D.C. here from @wcp– including the excellent @marcellakriebelDustin Renwick on Twitter

These interviews are so good. —A Muhlberg on Twitter

Not enough characters to write about @AMontgomery_998’s leadership and tenacity. Congrats on being featured in @wcp’s ‘People Issue.’

Hugo Rojo on Twitter

Mixed use communities are the key to sustainable urban development. I’m not too well informed on this particular issue, but thriving communities need affordable housing (and resources) alongside traditional “for profit” development in order to succeed. Hopefully something like this is in the works or being considered. —Farah on Instagram, in response to our interview with tenant advocate Ruth Barnwell

These are nice write-ups of interesting people. But it looks like you are pandering to a certain class of people. … I mean, I’d love to see a write-up of a graffiti artist, a police officer, hell, even that Metro PCS Go-Go music store at 7th and T St NW. Their  [sic] is a mix of people in DC and you are focused on your little block/world/area. —wapo_comments on washingtoncitypaper.com

Cool feature of @DrIbram in the @wcp. Make sure to check it out!

Michael T. Barry Jr. on Twitter in response to our interview with American University professor Ibram X. Kendi

I know this was a week ago, but so happy to see @RReyesGavilan and @ericdshaw featured in The People Issue 2017. —Anne Phelps on Twitter

Department of Corrections: Hasan A is responsible for a majority of independently booked, DIY metal shows in the District, not almost every metal show, as stated in the People Issue.