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A representative selection of comments on last week’s cover story:

Heat. Tempers. 13-hour Days. Line Cooks Function in an Intense and Brutal World. By Laura Hayes

Crucial but unappreciated: The men and women who cook your food at fancy D.C. restaurants deserve more. — Ehsan Zaffar on Twitter

In restaurants where the price of a cocktail equals their hourly wage, D.C. line cooks work long days in brutal temperatures often without benefits or time off. — GU Kalmanovitz on Twitter

Tough to read stories like this and argue that the back of the house should not be permitted to share in the tip pool. Great piece. — Scott Rome on Twitter

The jobs are hard. It’s nearly impossible to work cooking without cuts and burns or worse. Long hours on your feet. You have to be very tough and probably young. References to the heat reminded me of a factory job I had as a college kid off a machine that generated enormous heat. … The article is educational and revealing. Behind those dinners, whether incredible experiences or somewhat disappointing, are jobs that are arduous and result in poor pay. I mostly don’t like to complain about restaurants in reviews. It’s such a tough environment, tough to compete in a universe with thousands of competitors and then the work environments are the opposite of easy. Had a recent less than great experience at a restaurant that gets acclaim here and elsewhere. … In my opinion why complain. —Dave O on donrockwell.com

I think the underlying issue is English. Many line cooks don’t speak it well enough to interact with customers, which runners need to do. I wonder if there’s a nonprofit that could partner with kitchens to do English lessons during a slow stretch 2x per week at restaurants. Probably a meaningful benefit that wouldn’t cost the restaurant much at all. —zgast on donrockwell.com  

Line cooks work so damn hard, great read! —PHofford108 on Reddit

Good article. Here’s to hoping that WCP doesn’t entirely fold – we’d miss out on these stories. —Petworth_dude on Reddit