Tim Ebner
Tim Ebner

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The Dish: Chocolate Ganache Waffle and Bananas 

Where to Get It: Succotash, 915 F St. NW; (202) 849-6933; succotashrestaurant.com 

Price: $9

What It Is: When Chef Edward Lee created the chocolate ganache waffle, it seemed as if he was inspired by a Willy Wonka fever dream. What appears to be a burnt waffle is actually a mold of chocolate ganache icing that’s rich, creamy, and topped with an artist’s palette of sugar. 

There are pools of blackberry sauce and cream resting in the nooks and crannies of the waffle. Then, Lee surrounds the dessert with mounds of gingerbread snap crumbs and Old Bay-spiced marshmallow fluff. But the real kicker is a pile of fresh blackberries and caramelized bananas, which add an extra layer of sweetness to an already over-the-top waffle.

How it Tastes: The initial crunch of caramelized bananas melts instantly in your mouth under a blanket of chocolate ganache. Each new bite adds texture and flavor—whether it’s the gritty and spicy taste of gingerbread snap crumbs or the light and airy quality of the Old Bay marshmallow fluff. The dessert is sweet enough to balance out your habit of psychoanalyzing your drinking habit and miserable existence here on earth. 

Why It Helps: This is no ordinary waffle. It’s a sugar rush in an otherwise dark, lonely, and painful existence. For the supremely hungover (this author included), a decadent dose of chocolate ganache waffle is just what the doctor ordered.