On December 21, local venture capitalist and philanthropist Mark Ein reached an agreement to purchase Washington City Paper from SouthComm, Inc. City Paper staffers are overjoyed and enter this new phase with great energy. News of our sale traveled through the D.C. mediaverse at breakneck speed. Here is a selection of the many comments we received. 

Much like Tiny Tim, the Washington City Paper @wcp did NOT die. Bountiful holiday gratitude to @Markein of the @washkastles for his plan to not just save the City Paper, but to make it thrive & innovate. Local journalism survives to fight another day, & that’s literally Good News. —Council of DC on Twitter

We DC residents owe @Markein a large debt of gratitude for buying @wcp. This free local newspaper informs voters on critical issues, keeps our elected officials honest, and supports the arts. Thank you Mark, for taking a risk for the good of your hometown! —Brian Chamowitz on Twitter

This is such terrific news. After the loss of @DCist, we could not afford to lose another independent local news source. Congrats @wcp! —ACLU of DC on Twitter

I’ll grab a City Paper (or their equivalent) in any city I go to. I love them all, but none are better than our @wcp.  —David McNitt on Twitter

In a bleak year for local media, the last-minute sale of @wcp comes as a huge relief. For selfish reasons, as someone who works in the arts & appreciates WCP’s broad local coverage, but also for the incredible staff whose standards somehow never slipped during a stressful time. —Caroline Heaney on Twitter

Whoa whoa whoa, Mark Ein bought @wcp? Federal City Council now running our alt weekly? Doesn’t feel right. At all. —Eugene Puryear on Twitter

Glad that City Paper has survived. Now if only the left wing slant will be balanced out, there will be a vast improvement. —Typical DC BS on washingtoncitypaper.com