Tim Ebner
Tim Ebner

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The Dish: Bacon, lettuce, and tomato sandwich

Where to Get It: A Baked Joint, 440 K St. NW; (202) 408-6985; abakedjoint.com

Price: $11

What It Is: This is a BLT on PEDs. The sandwich comes stacked with smoked applewood bacon, thick slices of tomato, bibb lettuce, and a hearty helping of mayo slathered on two slices of pain de mie—that’s French for pillowy soft bread that’s baked in house.

How It Tastes: In this town, the BLT is the red-headed stepchild sandwich of delis and diners. Often it’s mischaracterized as the lunch order of simpletons. But A Baked Joint gives it the attention it deserves, and offers the option to add a medium-fried egg on top for just $2. The egg upgraded BELT is slightly salty, savory, and bursting with juicy flavors that are sure to spill out onto the plate. 

Why It Helps: Every bite of this sandwich delivers a fresh crunch that’s sure to TKO even your toughest hangover. And no matter how long you lay in bed contemplating life with a case of the spins, this sandwich will be here waiting for you. It’s the most trustworthy of BLTs, available seven days a week on both the breakfast and lunch menu.