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The election of Donald Trump and the policies his administration pursued throughout 2017 elicited a multitude of emotions—fear, anger, sorrow, excitement (though not so much in D.C., where only 4% of voters cast a ballot for the reality TV star). But for some, the election hit more deeply.

As the senior leader of the Washington Ethical Society, a humanist congregation in Shepherd Park, Amanda Poppei has seen people struggling with the election and its meaning firsthand. As a non-theistic organization, congregants at the Washington Ethical Society don’t necessarily believe in a god, but they do believe in the goodness and worth of all people. Trump’s rhetoric and policies, and the support of his base, have challenged some of her members’ ability to see that goodness in others. Listen as Poppei and Genevieve McDowell Owen, a member of the Washington Ethical Society, join Washington City Podcast to talk about how they’ve reconciled the 2016 election with their personal beliefs.

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Music for this episode was by Lee Rosevere, used under the Creative Commons license, and Will Warren.