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Washington City Paper readers,

Washington City Paper has been a vitally strong source of local news for our community for the last 36 years and, in this day and age, we need it more than ever.  

As the new lead owner of this important publication, and as a D.C.-area native, I am humbled and grateful to have this opportunity. The outpouring of encouragement, gratitude, and offers of support since the announcement of our purchase has been overwhelming, and it makes everyone involved even more emboldened about our mission ahead.

My decision to do this, with full awareness of the challenges and headwinds that all newspapers face, was driven by a deep belief that good, responsible, and high-quality journalism has never been more important than it is today. Journalists producing this work today are, in some respects, modern day heroes shining light on essential information that would otherwise go unknown, and they deserve our support. Additionally, all thriving communities, like ours in D.C., need strong sources of local news. City Paper has been that, and I want all of us to make sure that it continues to be for the next 36 years and beyond.

City Paper has an alumni network that is a virtual journalism hall of fame, and, today, has a terrific editor and a wonderful team of dedicated writers and staff that will now be able to continue to do great work and serve our community. I very much appreciate all of the past City Paper writers, the many Friends of the City Paper—a group of local leaders who are advising and investing in the publication—and the numerous others who have reached out wanting to join the team going forward. We will give City Paper a strong foundation, opportunities to grow, and enough runway in the hope and belief that its community of readers and advertisers will ensure its long-term self-sustainability.

While our entire focus is on Washington City Paper, it would be a dream to also help crack the code for other papers ably serving their communities across the country. Based on what I have seen over the last several weeks, I think it is entirely possible. 

Thank you for your readership. I am thrilled about our shared journey ahead.