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A representative selection of comments on last week’s cover story:

Banner Year: The Women’s March Kicked Off a New Era of Activism in D.C. By Matt Cohen

I’m glad there are orgs that actually formed and are doing things. Majority of the people I know self-braggingly post all this stuff about activism on Facebook and whatnot and don’t get off their butts. Change happens by virtue of being active, not simply by circulating the same articles/posts. —wapo_comments on washingtoncitypaper.com

I’ve lived here in DC for 30 years—long before you pathetic communist wanna-bes managed to stop wetting your panties when someone laughs at your faux intellectual bloviating about “resistance”… —Typical DC BS on washingtoncitypaper.com

Plight Russian: How Are D.C.’s Russian Restaurants Faring in the Face of Tense U.S.-Russia Relations? By Laura Hayes

Liberals love immigrants. Conservatives love Russia. I don’t see how these places aren’t booming right now, they’ve got something for everyone. —bibrexd on Reddit

I feel bad for the owners of Russia House in Kalorama. “We got a rock through the window the weekend of the inauguration.” —John Hudson on Twitter

Dude, nobody’s thrown a rock in the window of Etete or any of the Mexican/Salvadoran restaurants lately. In an age where a pizza place can get “self-investigated” based on complete BS, there may be something there. —EricSchillerDev on washingtoncitypaper.com

Be nice to Mari Vanna or be my enemy. —Mallika Sen on Twitter

I like Russia House and its steadfast commitment to actual Russian food, as ghastly as that can be (plain bowls of buckwheat? Why not?) The vodka tastings they do are also really fun. If they need ideas, they could lean into something like the old Serbian Crown in McLean—deeply missed! —pint_apple on washingtoncitypaper.com

Folks, if you worry about democracy in Russia why not start with a shot of vodka and a bowl of borscht at the Russia House. —Edward Lozansky on Twitter