Fried goat at Appioo by Laura Hayes
Fried goat at Appioo by Laura Hayes

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Many Washingtonians will wind up watching the State of the Union Address tonight. Maybe because it feels like a civic duty. Maybe it has the same kind of magnetic pull that draws ambulance chasers to a multi-car crash. Maybe it’s just being broadcast instead of your favorite primetime program. Even if you’re not planning to watch the lengthy speech, you’re likely to get hungry eventually.

Instead of instantly ordering from your standard takeout provider, consider ordering food from one of the nations Donald Trump disparaged earlier this month. The president may have called Haiti and the nations of Africa “shithole countries,” but true Washingtonians know their cuisines are quite tasty.

Here are a few ideas of where to order from, including which delivery platform serves the restaurant and which dishes you should try.

Appioo African Bar & Grill1924 9th St. NWWhat it is: West African cuisineDelivery platform: UberEats/GrubHubGet the: Kelewele with peanuts—seasoned chunks of ripe plantains deep fried and served with peanuts ($6); jollof rice ($18); and fried appioo goat with onions and tomatoes ($10)

Bukom Cafe2442 18th St. NWWhat it is: West African cuisineDelivery platform: UberEatsGet the: Egusi—a savory preparation of goat mean in a gravy of ground melon seeds popular in Nigeria ($12.73); fiery pepper soup ($5.45); and chicken yassa ($13)

Ethiopic401 H St. NEWhat it is: Ethiopian cuisineDelivery platform: UberEats, CaviarGet the: Vegetarian sampler one ($14) or two ($20)

Dukem1114-1118 U St. NWWhat it is: Ethiopian cuisineDelivery platform: UberEats, Caviar, GrubHubGet the: Doro wat—a spicy chicken stew flavored with berbere ($15.08); sambusa with meat ($3.33); and regular kitfo—beef tartare seasoned with herb butter and spices ($13.14)

Mazagan Restaurant2901 Columbia Pike, Arlington, VAWhat it is: Moroccan cuisineDelivery platform: CaviarGet the: Zaalouk—wood-grilled eggplant and tomatoes ($6); Kibbeh—stuffed beef fritters ($9); and chicken bastilla featuring phyllo dough filled with chicken, almonds, and eggs topped with powdered sugar and cinnamon ($10)