Tim Ebner
Tim Ebner

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The Dish: Fondue grilled cheese served with a side salad

Where to Get It: Stable, 1324 H St. NE; (202) 733-4604; stabledc.com 

Price: $15

What It Is: Chef David Fritsche prepares a decadent fondue made with three types of Swiss semi-soft cheese—Schlossberger Alt, Schlossberger Jung, and Fribourg Vacherin. The fondue is cooked in a garlic white wine sauce and finished with just a hint of nutmeg and Etter Kirsch, a cherry brandy from the sleepy village of Zug, Switzerland.

The gooey fondue is then sandwiched between thick-cut farmer’s bread that Fritsche makes in house. And don’t worry, this dish isn’t all carbs and dairy—there’s a perfectly portioned side salad to help you detox. It’s a special and available as a shareable appetizer at brunch and dinner. 

How It Tastes: Grilled cheese is notoriously simple, but this rendition is so much more complex. The white wine and garlic sauce seeps into the bread, giving the grilled cheese an earthy flavor. Meanwhile, the fondue oozes from the slices of stacked bread, delivering an oh-so ooey, gooey mess of Swiss salvation.

Why It Helps: You can say guet nacht (good night) to all those other grilled cheeses. Once this fondue hits your lips, you’ll never go back to Wonder Bread and Kraft Singles.