Illustration by Stephanie Rudig
Illustration by Stephanie Rudig

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It’s not possible for every bar to boast a kitchen, but that doesn’t mean bartenders want you guzzling their Sazeracs sans nourishment. The following bars make it possible for you to bring in outside food to pair with their libations. 

Bar: Little Miss Whiskey’s Golden Dollar 

Where: 1104 H St. NE

What You’re Eating: Po Boy Jim, Sticky Rice, Pow Pow, &pizza

You probably wouldn’t trust the food at a bar whose slogan reads, “a lousy bar for rotten people.” Luckily you can choose what will pad your stomach, from sushi rolls at Sticky Rice to vegan comfort food with Asian flair at Pow Pow. But perhaps a Po Boy makes the most sense, since Little Miss Whiskey’s already has a New Orleans vibe. 

Bar: Players Club

Where: 1400 14th St. NW

What You’re Eating: Shake Shack

You don’t even need to leave this subterranean ’70s themed bar to score Shake Shack burgers, fries, and fried chicken sandwiches. The owners worked out a deal with their upstairs neighbor to make it possible for Players Club customers to saddle up to the coat check area and place an order. Players Club will then plate your food and serve it the same way you’d get it upstairs. 

Bar: Hank’s Cocktail Bar

Where: 819 Upshur St. NW

What You’re Eating: Timber Pizza Co. pies or tacos from Taqueria Del Barrio. 

The extensive drink menu at Hank’s Cocktail Bar in Petworth includes a sweet note professing the bar’s love for its neighbors. If you want to bring in pizza or tacos, just give your bartender a heads-up and they’ll hook you up with place settings. 

Bar: All Souls

Where: 725 T St. NW

What You’re Eating: Pizza D’Oro, Habesha Market & Carry-out, Halfsmoke, Capo Deli, Glen’s Garden Market

Choices abound near Shaw’s laid-back watering hole. Handhelds like pizza and sandwiches make for mess-free meals, but you can always level-up and tear into some Ethiopian from Habesha using your fingers as utensils. The aptly-named All Souls is a judgement-free zone. 

Bar: Kingfisher

Where: 1414 14th St. NW

What You’re Eating: Baan Thai, Great Wall Szechuan House, Etto

There are ample restaurants in Logan Circle that can swiftly crank out take-out orders for you to eat in the neighborhood’s casual basement bar with BINGO and trivia. Choose between Northern Thai and sushi from Baan Thai, fiery mala favorites from Great Wall, or Neapolitan-inspired pies from Etto.