Credit: Darrell C. Crain, Jr.

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Last week Washingtonians remembered the days and years following the assassination of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. in our cover story “Riot. Rebellion. Resurrection.” Was it a riot or a rebellion? In a series of oral histories, people living in D.C. at the time of King’s murder and those who moved here later that year try to answer that question and figure out where D.C. and our country is headed.

Later in the week, City Paper hosted a live event at the LINE DC Hotel. At the event, writer of “Riot. Rebellion. Resurrection.” Michon Boston interviewed E. Ethelbert Miller, Tom Fong, Esther Siegel, and Michael Tabor, all of whom were featured in our article, as well as historian Marya McQuirter. In this episode of Washington City Podcast we present a condensed version of that live event. You’ll hear panelists remember those four days in 1968 and think about the future.

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Music for this episode was by Lee Rosevere, used under the Creative Commons license.