Tiffany MacIsaac

Capitol Hemp commissioned Buttercream Bakershop to make a special cake for 420. They requested a regular old ganja leaf but bakery owner and pastry chef Tiffany MacIsaac didn’t want to do something that’s “been done a million times before.” 

Instead of a status quo cake, she and her team spent about six hours working on a two-foot tall bong that looks like blown glass. “The only thing that would be better is if it was functional,” she jokes. “You take a hit, then take a bite.”

To make it, MacIsaac and her team baked a chocolate cake, carved it into the appropriate shape, covered it in buttercream to create a smooth surface, and then added a layer of fondant.

She painted the fondant using food coloring thinned out with vodka. To create the visual effect of perfectly ground cannabis, she crumbled graham crackers and dyed them green.

MacIsaac says some Buttercream Bakeshop fans are questioning her creation. “It’s not like it’s a pile of coke cut up on a glass table,” she says. “It’s legal to smoke weed now in D.C., so it’s fine.” There are some cakes she always says no to, no matter who the client is, like penis-shaped cakes requested for bachelorette parties. 

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