Photo of Sébastien Morvan courtesy of Brussels Beer Project
Photo of Sébastien Morvan courtesy of Brussels Beer Project

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For the first time ever, the Brussels Beer Project is coming to America. It’s a big deal for Belgian beer lovers who have had the opportunity to sample their suds in Brussels, Paris, or Tokyo—the only cities where the beers have historically been available.

On Friday evening, District beer fans will be able to enjoy six of the crowd-funded brewery’s beers atBrasserie Beck. Moving forward, the restaurant will have a dedicated draft line for Brussels Beer Project’s offerings and serve as its unofficial headquarters in D.C.

“It’s not often the newest, most exciting, most hype[d] new brewery in Belgium chooses to come to your city,” says Brasserie Beck beer director Dean Myers. The beer expert, who’s been working for Brasserie Beck since 2014, is often asked by Belgian expats and visitors from Brussels if they stock any Brussels Beer Project brews. He’s had to say no until now.

Whether you’re a beer connoisseur or an only-at-the-stadium drinker, you’ve quaffed Belgian beer before. If it was at Capital One Arena, you were likely crushing Stella Artois, Belgium’s best-sold beer worldwide that was first brewed in 1926. Another popular Belgian beer, St. Bernadus Abt. 12, dates back to 1946.

“So many people think of Brussels and Belgium as this old beer country, like old abbey beers, but the fact is Brussels is alive and kicking,” says Belgian-born Brussels Beer Project co-founder Sébastien Morvan. “It has a very energetic vibe and that’s the face of Brussels that we want to show.”

Jungle Joy, which is a dubbel style beer also known as an abbey ale, is non-traditional in that it utilizes passion fruit and mango, for example. Their Delta IPA is fermented with a Belgian saison strain of yeast, and features American, Belgian, and German hops. The brewing team consists of American, Belgian, British, and Portuguese staffers, which Morvan says reflects Brussels’ role as an international city—much like D.C.

The six drafts on offer at Brasserie Beck this Friday will be: Delta IPA, an aromatic pale ale at 6.5% ABV; Tante Tatin, a Christmas ale inspired by a French apple tart at 10.45% ABV;  Red My Lips, a Belgian session ale at 4.7% ABV; Babylone, a bitter beer at 7% ABV; Grosse Bertha, a Belgian wit and German hefeweizen hybrid at 7% ABV; and Jungle Joy, a fruited Belgian dubbel at 6.6% ABV.

No tickets are required for Friday’s launch, and drafts will be available at special prices from 5 p.m. to 10 p.m. After Friday, expect only one or two draft lines to be reserved for Brussels Beer Project at any given time.

Brasserie Beck, 1101 K St. NW; (202) 408-1717;