It is, admittedly, a bleak Tuesday—the holiday weekend is over, the Caps lost their first game of the Stanley Cup Final against Las Vegas yesterday, and it looks like an intensely cloudy day. Here’s a giant, rogue turkey to make you smile.


  • Need to change your voter information before the end of the day to make the city’s registration deadline? There’s an app for that. (And if you’re not registered, you can do it on election day.)

  • A spate of homicides this weekend left multiple residents dead. One victim was a 24-year-old man, who was shot to death early on Memorial Day in Carver/Langston; two D.C. residents, a couple, were also shot and killed Saturday night.

  • D.C. police also arrested three men who threatened a Circulator driver with knives after being told they needed to pay bus fare.

  • Join City Paper tonight at Black Cat for a free panel on Initiative 77. The policy would do away with the tipped minimum wage, and the battle over the vote is both high stakes and highly emotional. Voters decide on June 19.

LOOSE LIPS LINKS, by Andrew Giambrone (tips?

  • Police are also investigating the death of a prominent entrepreneur in Anacostia. [Post]

  • In response to the violence, Bowser deploys resources—and crime numbers. [Twitter]

  • Several elected officials attended an “emergency meeting” in Ward 8. [Twitter, Twitter]

  • Colby King: In blue D.C., “the Republican Party has pretty much punked out.” [Post]

  • Pol talk: D.C. politicians talked about babies, water bills, and schools last week. [WCP]

ARTS LINKS, by Matt Cohen (tips?

  • NYC-based, D.C. native duo Oshun had a cosmic homecoming at Union Stage. [Post]

  • The pistol that Aaron Burr used to kill Alexander Hamilton is now on display at the National Postal Museum. [Post]

  • Which brings us to this: The Kennedy Center has released more Hamilton tickets! [Post]

YOUNG & HUNGRY LINKS, by Laura Hayes (tips?

  • Five to One closes on U Street NW but hopes to relocate. [WCP]

  • Catch up on recent food news with the sauce-o-meter. [WCP]

  • Tyber Creek celebrates one year in business in Bloomingdale. [Eater]

  • Where to drink frozen drinks al fresco. [Post]

  • One woman’s love/hate relationship with CSAs. [Arlington Mag]

HOUSING COMPLEX LINKS, by Morgan Baskin (tips?

  • Pressure clean that porch before listing it. [WCP]

  • A group of Washingtonians are suing the city, claiming it has discriminated against black residents by chasing wealthy newcomers. [Post]

  • A vision for the Armed Forces Retirement Home. [Urban Turf]


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