Tim Ebner
Tim Ebner

The Dish: Trotter Tots

Price: $8

Where to Get It: Roofers Union, 2446 18th St. NW; (202) 232-7663; roofersuniondc.com

What It Is: Hoof it on over to Roofer’s Union to go hog wild on a dish that begs for a crisp, refreshing beer. Trotter tots might not appeal to everyone since they’re made from pigs’ feet, but like most pork products, the meat is succulent and juicy. Executive Chef Jenn Flynn braises the pigs’ feet low and slow. Then, she forms the meat into bite-sized balls, coats them in potato flakes, and flash fries them. 

The Story: These tots showed up on Roofer’s Union’s dinner menu just before Halloween. Flynn thought this dish would spook customers, but she was surprised to find that it quickly became a hit. It’s been on the menu ever since, and it’s an example of how Flynn is committed to using every part of the pig in her cooking. Take one bite, and you’ll quickly forget that you’re eating feet.

How to Eat It: Quite fittingly, the trotter tots come in a small metal tray—a personal trough for you and maybe a few friends. Just like the potato variety, these tots are meant for dipping. A small side of spicy remoulade sauce gives the dish a kick.