Credit: Darrow Montgomery

The wonkiest, weirdest, most impractical and outrageously priced homes up for sale this week. Have a listing in mind? Send it to

  • This nautical, 118-year-old Georgetown rowhouse with intense amounts of wood. [MLS]
  • A $50,000 Dupont “studio”/garage that’s 25 square feet. [Zillow]
  • A 3,560-square-foot, $210,000 lot in Langdon that needs a zoning variance. [Zillow]
  • This absolutely beautiful two-bedroom rowhouse is $800,000. It’s got a brick (faux) fireplace, lovely private roof deck, long windows, and sleek fixtures … but it’s $800,000. [Redfin]
  • If $800,000 for a two-bedroom is easy to swallow, here’s a two-bedroom West End condo for $1.4 million. [Redfin]
  • Alternatively, here’s a four-bedroom, $1.6 million Key West look-alike with teal shutters and green paint. (Apparently that’s what we now call “Cleveland Park charm.”) [Redfin]