Gal Gadot

The article appears on Grant Springer’s Facebook feed with a large tag line in all caps that reads, “Want to become famous?” Earlier this week, film and television casting company Project Casting put out a casting call for runners (or joggers, as the company prefers) for the upcoming Wonder Woman sequel starring Gal Gadot and Chris Pine to be filmed in Alexandria on July 7.

The movie has long been rumored to be filming in the D.C. area under the code name “Magic Hour”and producers for the movie are seeking male and female extras of all ethnicities ages 25 to 45 to play joggers. The wardrobe fitting for the audition started June 28 and ends on Saturday, June 30.

“You may be required to jog over and over multiple times,” the casting call reads. “So please don’t apply if your [sic] not fit enough to do this.”

“This is perfect,” Springer, a 49-year-old Army veteran, thinks to himself after opening the link. He lives just a mile and a half away from the Landmark Mall in Alexandria, one of the main filming locations of the movie. Plus, he runs three times a week and enjoyed the first film.

“At first I kind of laughed,” Springer says. “I showed it to my wife and we had just talked about that movie. … I told her, ‘I’m just going to apply, I can do this.’”

The casting call has resonated with the local running community. RunWashington magazine shared a link to the article on Twitter, which was shared dozens of times. Runners on Facebook have tagged other runners, and even Runner’s World magazine, which is located in Pennsylvania, wrote about the audition.

It’s not every day that being a runner could land you in one of Hollywood’s biggest projects.

“I think it would just be a fun thing to be a part of,” Springer says.

In mid-June, Virginia Governor Ralph Northam announced that the film, titled Wonder Woman 1984, would be filming for several weeks in Alexandria this summer, and praised the effects it would have on his state.

“We are delighted to welcome the Wonder Woman team to Virginia,” Northam said in a news release. “We are confident that this trailblazing project will find a perfect home in Alexandria, and look forward to the super impact it will have on Virginia.”

As with blockbuster movies, those close to the film are quiet about any developments. Casting directors were asked to sign non-disclosure agreements. When reached, freelance casting director Bill Marinella said he was not allowed to comment on the project, which he referred to as “Magic Hour,” but added that all notices on how to be an extra would be on the Marinella Hume Casting Virginia Facebook page. There’s no word on which actors will be present during filming on July 7.

In a Facebook comment posted four days ago, Marinella reiterated the warning posted on the casting call, writing, “Real runners are required as you will be asked to do this multiple times over and over.”

This doesn’t intimidate Springer, who served in the Army for 26 years. One of the photos he decided to send to the producers is of him running a 5K at a Forward Operating Base in Iraq.

“No, not at all,” he says. “To be quite honest, by reading that, I know I’m good for this.”

Photo by Gage Skidmore on Flickr, used under the Creative Commons BY-SA 2.0 license.