Photo courtesy of The Smith
Photo courtesy of The Smith

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The Dish: The Smith’s Breakfast Pot Pie

Where To Get It: Weekend brunch menu at The Smith, 901 F St. NW and 1314 U St. NW

Price: $17

What It Is: Who says you can’t have pie for breakfast? Instead of a sweet option, The Smith serves a savory “breakfast pot pie” packed with meaty surprises, making it the perfect cure-all for a weekend hangover. Just like a traditional pot pie, there’s a buttery and flaky outer crust—this one is made with cheddar biscuit dough. The Smith tops the golden brown outer shell with a pair of two fried sunny-side up eggs.  Grab a spoon and dive deep into the dish, where you’ll find thick-cut bacon and sweet sausage baked in a luscious cremini mushroom sauce.

How It Tastes: This pot pie is brunch ingenuity at its best. Unlike other traditional pot pie recipes, which come filled with mixed vegetables and lean chicken, you get a dense meat pie loaded with the richest morning meats. The meal gets even messier when the egg yolks break and combine with the mushroom gravy below the surface.

Why It Helps: This one-skillet meal is sure to sizzle through any lingering aches or pains you experience from a heavy night of drinking. The eggs, bacon, and sausage pack in the protein. Meanwhile, the buttery biscuit crust combined with the rich, creamy cremini sauce adds an indulgence factor to a dish that’s otherwise filled with down-home comfort.