Credit: Kevin Koski

Tennis player Frances Tiafoe is back in his hometown after making it to the third round of Wimbledon for the first time in his career. Although he’s just 20, the young Hyattsville native’s name has been on the tongues of tennis fans for years.

Tiafoe’s father was a maintenance worker at the prestigious JTCC tennis training center, and Tiafoe and his twin brother, Franklin, grew up around the sport. Tiafoe quickly proved himself both talented and dedicated, becoming the second highest-ranked junior in 2014. He’s now a pro and caught up with City Paper’s sports editor Kelyn Soong for this week’s Washington City Podcast. Together, the pair talked about playing in front of your hometown, what it takes to make it as a professional, and a game they once played (Tiafoe was 13, Soong was in his 20s—you’ll have to listen to the interview to hear who won).

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