Poca Madre
Poca Madre

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The Dish: Burrito ‘The King’

Price: $32

Where To Get It: Poca Madre, 777 I St. NW; (202) 838-5300; pocamadredc.com

What It Is: This regal roll-up marries surf and turf for the Michelin star set. Poca Madre chef and owner Victor Albisu tucks butter poached lobster, wagyu steak seared in dry-aged beef fat, tangy robiola cheese, risotto-grade rice, and refried black beans bolstered by truffles inside a flour tortilla. The finished product is sliced in half and crowned with luscious caviar.

What It Tastes Like: In the battle royale for dominant taste, the sweet, succulent lobster meat outshines the tender steak. No mere beans and rice combo, the savory frijoles negros and plump grains enrobed in funky dairy fill each forkful with starchy goodness. The neatly shaved truffles, glossy caviar, and diced chives add pops of richness and freshness, respectively, while pinpricks of char peppered around the tortilla introduce some welcome smokiness.

The Story: Having spoiled locals with worldly tacos and tortas for years at his fast-casual phenomenon Taco Bamba, Albisu says it was time to kick things up a notch. “At Taco Bamba we’ve always taken a hard anti-burrito stance, so we thought it would be funny to serve an over-the-top burrito next door,” he says. The burrito went through several iterations before Albisu settled on the recipe. Earlier versions included uni scrambled eggs and jamón ibérico, which would have made it taste more like breakfast. Dubbed “The King,” this burrito is also a tribute to Elvis Presley. The Pelvis’ smiling mug adorns nearly two dozen collectible plates used to serve the culinary showstopper.