Credit: Darrow Montgomery

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  • This $440,000 Riggs Park home needs a top-to-bottom, side-to-side, seriously all-over renovation. [Zillow]
  • Not to mention this $425,000 Takoma Park “rambler” that looks like the set of a slasher film from 1983. [Redfin]
  • A Columbia Heights fixer-upper with five bedrooms and copious exposed brick. [craigslist]
  • You’ll likely want to re-paint each of the three bedrooms in this Trinidad row house, unless you like black and lime green zig-zags. [Redfin
  • Want to live inside an eggplant? [Redfin]
  • An ultra-modern Adams Morgan condo that hasn’t been built yet, for a price yet to be determined. [craigslist]