Darrow Montgomery
Darrow Montgomery

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The Sandwich: Brie + Avocado Breakfast Sandwich

Where: Pear Plum Cafe, 3064 Mount Pleasant St. NW

Price: $6

Stuffings: Poached egg, brie, avocado, romesco sauce

Bread: Ciabatta roll

Thickness: 1.5 inches

Pros: Basing a breakfast sandwich around a poached egg, a notoriously finicky preparation, takes balls. That Pear Plum Cafe has managed to keep its eggs soft and gloriously runny would be enough, but pairing the creamy egg with rich avocado and peppery romesco sauce makes it even better. As an added bonus, the egg stayed puncture-free during its delivery from Mount Pleasant to downtown.

Cons: The ciabatta roll absorbs much of the romesco sauce and feels a little too tough for the soft and delicate ingredients in the middle. One wonders whether the mouthfeel would improve with the use of a more tender bread. Sliced brie, though tasty, almost takes the sandwich into richness overload when paired with avocado and egg yolk. The indulgence works in a small sandwich, but the belly-aching might begin if it were larger.

Sloppiness Level (1 to 5): 3. While the bread sops up a lot of the sauce and the fillings stick together, remember that the sandwich includes a runny egg yolk that will likely drip down your hands. A wet wipe would be helpful.

Overall Score (1 to 5): 4. A better bread would make this sandwich a go-to, but it’s still pretty darn good as is. The combination of bold flavors and well-executed preparation makes it an excellent addition to D.C.’s breakfast sandwich offerings, though this one is a little too delicate to serve as a hangover cure.