Credit: Darrow Montgomery

The wonkiest, weirdest, most impractical and outrageously priced homes up for sale this week. Have a listing in mind? Send it to

  • If you’ve ever wanted to live in a domino, this is the place for you. [Redfin]
  • A cool $4.2 million, seven-bedroom home on “a prime Kalorama block” [Zillow]
  • Is this hundred-year-old, $1.4 million Southeast rowhouse with very nice bathrooms worth the nearly half-a-million-dollar inflation since it last sold in April? You be the judge. [Zillow]
  • A stately Hillcrest colonial with a real spread of a backyard that’s just a hair under $600,000 [craigslist]
  • Alternatively, pay almost a million bucks for this turquoise rowhouse that really loves crystal pendant light fixtures. [Zillow]
  • This cash-only, as-is “TRUXTON CIRCLE TREASURE” going for $679,000 is “delivered VACANT!” [craigslist]