Darrow Montgomery
Darrow Montgomery

For many diners, having to stand in line is too big a barrier to entry for trying one of D.C.’s Michelin-starred restaurants. Rose’s Luxury owner Aaron Silverman is shaking things up starting today with a new system that will allow diners to book same-day reservations. 

“The way it works is that we will still give preference to our guests in line, but once we have chatted with all of our guests, the system will go live and all remaining tables will be opened up for the evening and available for booking on our website,” Silverman says.

Go to the “reservations” tab on the Rose’s Luxury website and scroll down to find the same-day table availability when the tables go live for that evening at 5:30 p.m. According to the website, Rose’s Luxury will try to get you sat within 30 minutes of your selected time since turning tables isn’t an exact science.

The Rose’s Luxury line has almost become a thing of lore. National outlets like Food & Wine offered cheat sheets. It brought fresh business to Task Rabbit. Instagram posts of the pork lychee salad were badges of honor, proving to your circle of friends that you survived the great queue of 2014. 

The move is Silverman’s latest step in making his cuisine more accessible through modern convenience. His third and most casual restaurant, Little Pearl, is now on delivery platform Caviar. You can order a whole grilled Maine lobster brushed with garlic butter if you’re within the delivery range. For real.

“We have always believed that we are in the business of making people happy,” Silverman says. “And we hope that this new feature will help us to do so even more.”

Rose’s Luxury, 717 8th St. SE; (202) 580-8889; rosesluxury.com