Many people are waking up with queasy feelings in their stomachs knowing that a woman is about to be publicly questioned about an alleged sexual assault. Testimony from potential Supreme Court justice Brett Kavanaugh and Dr. Christine Blasey Ford is set to start at 10 a.m. Only a few things could make today worse. Bottomless mimosas at Shaw’s Tavern is one of them. 

The following tweet that went up shortly after 9 a.m. was just deleted.

City Paper called the restaurant to find out why they thought this was a good idea, and Rob Heim explained that they open early for political events like elections. “We like to provide a place where people who want to can come watch it,” he says. 

Responses to Shaw Tavern’s tweet have ranged from “eat shit” to this gem:

“There’s gonna be a lot of puking today, for more than overconsumption of alcohol. Some of us will be puking up our guts in rage and pain, though, so not quite as much fun as bottomless champagne.”

Duffy’s Irish Pub has also promoted that they will be open early today for the hearing.

Update 11:10 a.m.: Shaw’s Tavern issued the following statement on Facebook: