Credit: Darrow Montgomery

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Former Mayor and current Ward 7 Councilmember Vincent Gray was injured Saturday night when he says a bouncer at a local nightclub pushed him after a dispute over Gray’s identification.

Police were called and aides to Gray say he suffered injuries to his hands and back during the incident, which occurred around 9:30 p.m. at the DC Eagle near Benning Road and Minnesota Ave. NE in Ward 7. Gray filed a police report in the 6th District, according to his staff.

Gray was attending several Art All Night events in the ward and the Eagle was the last of several civic stops, his chief of staff Sheila Bunn said. A photo shoot, silent disco, and fire performance were planned at the DC Eagle last night, according to Art All Night’s website.

When a bouncer at the door requested identification, Gray, 75, presented his official DC Council identification. The employee said he had to see something with a birthdate on it.

When Gray questioned how he was being treated, Bunn said the employee came up and pushed Gray out of the door, causing Gray to fall and hurt his back and bruise his hands. Another aide to Gray said the bar bouncer stood over Gray, saying he was faking and to “get up.”

Bunn said Gray was taken aback by the dispute over his identification and said to the bouncer, “Don’t I look old enough?” Bunn also said Gray requested that he be allowed to speak with managers or owners on duty but that the bouncer refused.

Gray, who served as mayor from 2011 to 2015, filed an incident report with D.C. police, according to Bunn. She also said that one of the club owners came to the front door and “was horrified” that Gray “had been treated this way.”

Political consultant and longtime Gray backer Chuck Thies says the Council ID should have been enough.

“The bouncer just had an agenda or was overly aggressive,” Thies says. “Certainly ‘unreasonable’ is a fine way to describe this bouncer.”