Caroline Jones
Caroline Jones

The Sandwich: Grilled jerk fish sandwich

Where: Little Havana, 3704 14th St. NW

Price: $12

Stuffings: Jerk marinated mahi mahi, pineapple jicama slaw, lettuce, curry aioli

Bread: Cuban roll

Thickness: 3 inches

Pros: This sandwich tastes tropical in the best way. The fresh slaw gives each bite some crunch and the crisp roll does an admirable job of holding most of the fillings inside. As for the fish, it delicately flakes and isn’t overpowered by the jerk seasoning. You still know you’re eating mahi mahi, and that’s a good thing. Little Havana serves tostones (twice fried green plantains) on the side with a creamy dipping sauce, upping the tropical quotient.

Cons: If curry is not your thing, steer clear of this sandwich. The flavor dominates the aioli, which seeps into every bite. Taking a bite can also be tricky for the dainty.

Sloppiness level (1 to 5): 5. All the stuffings are slippery, forcing some of the fillings out of the roll as you eat. The aioli will coat your fingers and drip down your chin until you eventually tap out and pick up a knife and fork to eat what’s left on your plate. You’ll want to, because everything tastes so good. 

Overall score (1 to 5): 4.5. For taste, this sandwich receives full marks, but the mess it makes causes it to lose half a point. So long as you don’t wear your finest duds and keep plenty of napkins on hand, you’ll be fine. You’ll be even better if you pair your sandwich with one of Little Havana’s tasty rum cocktails.