Credit: Darrow Montgomery

The wonkiest, weirdest, most impractical and outrageously priced homes up for sale this week. Have a listing in mind? Send it to

  • This two-bedroom, one-and-a-half bathroom rowhouse on Lamont Street NW for a whopping $640,000 [Redfin]
  • A $360,000 Takoma Park home with a big ol’ yard, extensive carpeting, and vanity lights worthy of Marilyn Monroe’s dressing room [craigslist]
  • The sweetest Capitol Hill row house there ever was––exposed brick, cherry red door, crawling ivy, and shady back patio included––but it’s more than $760,000 for two bedrooms [Zillow]
  • An unidentified rowhouse 1.5 blocks away from the Columbia Heights Metro station, whose offer “must be seven figures” [craigslist]
  • This $750,000 Gateway house that looks straight out of The Sims [Zillow]
  • A $640,000 Truxton Circle condo that hasn’t yet been constructed, if you’re interested in a brand-new building [Zillow]