Credit: Darrow Montgomery

Ron Moten is back with another politically themed earworm.

The one-time unsuccessful Ward 7 council candidate, community activist, and co-founder of a violence prevention nonprofit released his latest music video in support of a local political candidate yesterday. This time, Moten is throwing his support behind at-large candidate Dionne Reeder

Moten, along with D.C. musician JusPaul, wrote the lyrics and set them to a remix of the Angie Stone’s single “Brotha.”

Previously, Moten has produced videos in support of the mayoral runs of Adrian Fenty and Muriel Bowser. Fenty lost, Bowser won.

Reeder enjoys an endorsement from Bowser this year, in what is an unusual attempt by a mayor to unseat an incumbent lawmaker: Elissa Silverman. Bowser’s support has been a jolt to Reeder’s campaign coffers. Since Oct. 11, Reeder’s campaign has raked in about $118,000, according to campaign finance reports. Before Bowser’s endorsement, Reeder’s campaign had about $2,000 cash on hand.

In the video, Moten asserts that “Elissa Silverman is all about the violence, but Dionne Reeder is about bringing us together,” and he offers to give a ride to anyone who can’t get to the polls. He even gives out his personal cell phone number.

Asked what violence he’s referring to, Moten says he’s never seen Silverman attend vigils or funerals for homicide victims. Reeder, he says, has been a bigger part of communities beset by violence.

Silverman counters that she supported Attorney General Karl Racine‘s anti-violence pilot initiative, “Cure the Streets,” a community-based program aimed at addressing an uptick in homicides in D.C.

“Sometimes you gotta reach people who you can’t reach in the traditional way,” Moten says of why he produces these videos. “Dionne has an impeccable record with what she’s done in the community. I’m not saying Elissa is a bad person, I just think she has her opinions, and she’s strong headed and pushes it down people’s throats.”