Credit: Darrow Montgomery

The wonkiest, weirdest, most impractical and outrageously priced homes up for sale this week. Have a listing in mind? Send it to

  • Your typical $1.3 million Victorian rowhouse on Capitol Hill [Zillow]
  • This off-market Capitol Hill rowhouse needs an estimated $130,000 in renovations. What’s the draw, you ask? As the seller puts it: “Amazon is Coming!” [craigslist]
  • Any interest in fighting your way into a co-op? This one’s a mighty cute, $218,000 one-bedroom in Petworth. [Zillow]
  • Need a whopping 3,800 square feet of space? Here’s a five-bedroom in Langdon that can give you that. [Redfin]
  • A three-bedroom duplex in Chillum that needs major renovations [craigslist]
  • A dusty blue, split-level two-bedroom Shaw condo for $415,000. Its price recently dropped but it’s only 421 square feet. [Redfin]