Tim Ebner
Tim Ebner

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The Dish: St. Anselm’s S.O.S.

Where To Get It: 1250 5th St. NE

Price: $13

What It Is: Anyone who’s spent time in the military knows what they’re in for when they hear the acronym S.O.S. The dish name sounds like a cry for help, but in reality Shit on a Shingle is a hearty helping of hangover relief. When you order it at a diner, you usually get a plate of white bread drowning in industrial-strength gravy and mystery meat. But what was once the stuff of mess halls has now been elevated to fine-dining status thanks to St. Anselm. It’s on the weekend brunch menu and comes served with house-made white bread smothered in a rich bechamel-like gravy, and peppered with specks of beef and parsley.

How It Tastes: Chef Marjorie Meek-Bradley imports her chipped beef from Philadelphia’s Reading Terminal Market. On the first bite, you can tell that this dried beef is a cut above the rest. It’s slightly salty, sliced paper thin, and when combined with the gravy makes for an umami-laden sauce that practically melts in your mouth. Meanwhile, the freshly baked bread is the perfect vessel to sop up all the gravy that spills onto the plate.

Why It Helps: S.O.S. is a tried-and-true hangover cure that will leave your stomach feeling satisfied. The creaminess of the gravy helps to coat and settle an upset stomach, and the chipped beef and pillowy bread deliver sustenance in the form of proteins and starches. Order it with an Irish coffee, and your mayday cries for help will quickly turn into energy and optimism for the day ahead.