Credit: Stephanie Rudig

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HO HO WHO: Ingrid Michaelson, the bubbly American singer-songwriter best known for cheery radio hits “The Way I Am” and “Girls Chase Boys,” is back with a Christmas album, because why not? Songs for the Season is the New York native’s first holiday album and first studio release since 2016. According to some corners of the internet (but not Wikipedia, somehow), Michaelson’s birthday is Dec. 8, so that could explain her affinity for Christmas songs.

LET IT SNOW!: I honestly didn’t know what to expect going into this album. Besides hearing the ubiquitous “Girls Chase Boys” on the radio (as I am one of approximately 10 people who still listen to the radio), I haven’t kept up with Michaelson’s career since attending one of her concerts at a tiny University of Maryland ballroom in 2008. But this album is rather delightful. Her first single, “Looks Like a Cold, Cold Winter,” is an instrumental-heavy cover of the Bing Crosby classic. But the real winter banger on this album is “Let It Snow! Let It Snow! Let It Snow!” The piano riff at the end is a nice touch and she adds a few additional lyrics that differentiate her version from the dozens of others. Put this on your pre-holiday party going out playlist.

OR DON’T: At at breezy 2 minutes 46 seconds, the song can get repetitive—fast. Definitely avoid the repeat button. Michaelson’s voice, she admitted to Billboard, “isn’t really a chameleon voice,” so the vocals here, while soothing, aren’t particularly noteworthy.

CHEER FACTOR: 7.5/10. Michaelson has described herself as a “Christmas-obsessed human,” and Songs for the Season reinforces that. The cover-filled album of some of the most popular Christmas songs may not have much replay value, or be as catchy as Michaelson’s original music, but her rendition of “Let It Snow” will get stuck in your head. Trust me.