Credit: Tim Ebner

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The Dish: MGM Roast Beef’s Belly Buster Sandwich

Where To Get It: 905 Brentwood Road NE

Price: $13.99

What It Is: You’ll find an impossibly messy hangover sandwich, known as the Belly Buster behind a family-owned auto auction warehouse in Brentwood. It’s piled high with fatty brisket, two over-medium eggs, a heap of french fries, and gravy on two slices of rye bread. “By far, it’s our signature and most beloved breakfast sandwich,” says owner Ryan Zaritsky.

How It Tastes: The Belly Buster is reminiscent of sandwiches from Pittsburgh’s legendary Primanti Brothers restaurants, which come stuffed with french fries. The spuds in the Belly Buster, along with the rye bread, absorb a mouthwatering mess of brisket, gravy, and egg yolk. A side of sweet pickles adds acidity and crunch. 

Why It Helps: “It’s great for a hangover because this sandwich is kind of like three meals in one,” Zaritsky says. The fatty brisket soaks up any alcohol consumed from the night before, and the french fries and eggs supply the protein and starch you need for sustenance, which makes this deli order both a belly and hangover buster.