Credit: Darrow Montgomery

The wonkiest, weirdest, most impractical and outrageously priced homes up for sale this week. Have a listing in mind? Send it to

  • $700,000 for a two-bedroom, all-glass condo on upper 14th Street NW, anyone? [Zillow]
  • A not-at-all suspicious offer to trade your home with a stranger [craigslist]
  • A two-bedroom Park View condo that hasn’t been built yet [craigslist]
  • Want an elevator in your 3,000-square-foot corner townhouse? Look no further. [Zillow]
  • This million-dollar, hundred-year-old farmhouse in Takoma has a third-floor playroom. (To be clear, you should use it for yourself and not your kids.) [Zillow
  • A 3,500-square-foot lot for sale on 58th Street NE. $250,000. [craigslist]
  • This two-bedroom, $250,000 condo on Douglass Road SE has a “$MILLION DOLLAR BREATHTAKING VIEW OF BOTH DC AND NORTHERN VA. SKYLINE.” [Zillow]