Credit: Tim Ebner

The Dish: All-Purpose Riverfront’s Beltway Breakfast Pizza 

Where To Get It: All-Purpose Riverfront’s Weekend Brunch Menu, 79 Potomac Ave. SE; (202) 629-1894;

Price: $19

What It Is: Pizza for breakfast? You better believe it—especially if it’s the weekend and you’re experiencing an excruciating hangover. Chefs Michael Friedman and Vince Campaniello serve several breakfast pizzas on their brunch menu, but the pie that will beat the most hefty hangover is The Beltway. 

This pizza is a wreck loaded with roasted bacon, heirloom Roma tomatoes, and parmesan and mozzarella cheeses. When it comes out of the deck oven, Friedman crowns his pie with fresh arugula and a single poached egg, which is sprinkled with extra virgin olive oil, cracked pepper, and sea salt.

How It Tastes: “It basically tastes like the best breakfast sandwich you’re going to have but on pizza,” Friedman says. It also hits on all the savory and salty flavors that a hangover breakfast needs. Before grabbing a slice, take a fork or knife and pop the pizza’s poached egg. The runny yolk blends nicely with layers of melted cheese, roasted tomato, and smoked bacon.

Why It Helps: This pizza delivers complete hangover relief. The crust is cooked crisp, but its texture is slightly chewy and sweet, packed full of carbs to absorb toxins leftover from the night before. Greasy bacon, the soft-poached egg, and arugula, with just a hint of pepper, reintroduce the vital proteins and veggies part of any regularly prescribed detox routine. Pair this pizza with a bit of hair of the dog, Friedman says, and you’ll be back to retoxing in no time. “A half-carafe or two of bottomless mimosas should do the trick,” he says.