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Photo of Ian Boden and Ed Lee courtesy Succotash

One of this region’s coolest culinary minds, Ian Boden, is coming to D.C. on April 7 to cook alongside Chef Edward Lee at Succotash in Penn Quarter. Boden helms a 400-square-foot restaurant in Staunton, Virginia in the Shenandoah Valley. He was a James Beard Award semifinalist as recently as 2017 for his cuisine that fuses his “mountain roots” with his Eastern European Jewish heritage. 

Lee, who received a James Beard nod ten years in a row, is known for melding Korean ingredients and techniques with southern food staples at his restaurants in D.C., Maryland, and Kentucky.

The pair have drawn up an a la carte menu of inventive Jewish and Korean dishes such as a lightly smoked tofu stew (soon-dubu or sundubu) rich with chili oil, toasted pine nut milk, enoki mushroom tempura, pickled cucumbers, and kumquats ($12) and a Russian sorrel soup with potato, salted rhubarb, and soft egg ($11). See the full menu below.

All of the dishes are priced at $11 to $28 and no tickets are necessary to attend the event. Succotash will accept a limited number of reservations by phone. Specify that you would like the special event menu, which is available from 5 to 9 p.m. 

On whether Boden is testing the waters to potentially launch a restaurant in the District, he says, “As of now, I’m just having fun. But who knows what the future may hold. I wouldn’t rule anything out.”


Marinated Grilled Sardines, Schug, Charred Lemon $13

Gogalbi – Grilled Mackerel, Black Garlic Glazed Eggplant, Tatsoi, Nori Powder, Black Vinegar $12

Sorrel & Rhubarb Schav  Russian Sorrel Soup, Potato, Salted Rhubarb, Soft Egg $11

Lightly Smoked Soon-dubu Tofu, Chili Oil, Toasted Pine Nut Milk, Enoki Mushroom Tempura, Pickled Cucumbers, Kumquats $12

Ojinga – Squid, Apple, Sesame Sauce, Watercress, White Kimchi, Dried Squid, Fresh Dates $14

Duck Kubbeh  Duck Filled Semolina Dumplings in a Rich Duck Consume $16

Lamb Manti  Boiled Minted Turkish Dumplings, Yogurt, Chili and Sumac, Fried Onions, Garlic and Chili $15

Kori Jjim – Braised Oxtail with Daenjang, Sweet Soy, Noodles, Kimchi, Daikon, Raw Chestnuts $17

Potato Latke Stuffed Poussin with Grilled Mushrooms, Pickled Beets and Kimchi Fried Rice $28

Poppy Seed Rugelah with Black Sesame Ice Cream $12

Capriole Sophia Aged Goat Cheese Blintz with Miso Honey, Tarragon, Black Vinegar $14

Succotash, 915 F St. NW; (202) 849-6933;