Credit: Tim Ebner

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The Dish: Gravitas’ Leige Waffle

Where To Get It: Weekend brunch menu, 1401 Okie St. NE; (202) 763-7942;

Price: $16

What It Is: Two plump and fluffy Belgian-style waffles cooked to golden-brown perfection. You’ll never look at a frozen Eggo waffle quite the same after tasting Chef Matt Baker’s take on this quintessential breakfast dish. His brunch menu is new to Ivy City—service started in mid-March, and so far, his waffle has taken the early lead as a favorite. He continues to add new dishes, like beignets that you might find in New Orleans’ French Quarter.

How It Tastes: The waffles’ stand-out flavors come from their accompaniments. First, there’s a whipped crème fraîche that’s meant to be spread on top of the double stack. It’s light and airy, and when combined with the lemon-scented maple syrup, the result is a sweet, buttery, and zesty finish to the dish. There’s also a pinch of preserved lemon peels that not only serves as a beautiful garnish but packs an additional citrus punch. The deep nooks and crannies of each waffle help to soak up all the flavors on the plate.

Why It Helps: Unlike other waffles, which can be dry and boring, Baker’s waffles will help awaken your hungover senses with surprising flavors. Lemon adds dimension to the maple syrup, and the crème fraîche instantly melts in your mouth, adding a creamy texture to the warm and soft waffles. Brunch here is also a high-class affair, inspired by the Parisian-style brunches Baker experienced on a recent trip to France. The waitstaff will be quick to point out a crisp Alsatian wine or Champagne to accompany the meal if you need a bit of hair of the dog to rebound and recover.